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Educator Resources for Teaching Writing

Develop your middle and high school students’ writing skills with this collection of free resources for teachers, including activity ideas, full lesson plans, mentor texts and more. Most resources are ideal or adaptable for grades 8-12.
The teaching writing resources on this page are provided for free from Write the World and our partners as part of our mission to empower educators as they build students’ literacy, preparing learners for success in school, career, and life.
Featured: Global Writing Platform
Our free online writing platform is designed to support student writers ages 13-19 and their teachers.
You can request a private online group for your classroom where you and your students can write, conduct rubric-based peer and expert review, respond to prompts, upload curricula, facilitate portfolio assessment, and more.
Songwriting Resources
June 2023 Competition
Resources for incorporating songwriting activities into the classroom.


Tips for Using Daily Writing Prompts
How to use daily writing prompts to build a culture of writing in the classroom.


Climate Poetry Lesson Plan
Flexible lesson plan to guide students through climate poetry writing. 


Climate Advocacy Writing Lesson Plan
90-120 minute flexible lesson plan for climate advocacy letter writing.


Climate Flash Fiction Lesson Plan
45-90 minute flexible lesson plan for flash fiction writing on climate topics.


Food Writing Resources
May 2023 Competition
Resources for incorporating food writing activities into the classroom. 


Environmental Writing Samples
Mentor texts from students on environmental writing topics.


Writing Competitions for Students
Students aged 13-19 are eligible to enter our free monthly writing competitions on See details.
Competitions are based on a topic or writing style, and encourage students to dig deeper into the writing process, try out new genres, and share their work with a community of eager readers.
Competition Calendar Poster
Students aged 13-19 are eligible to enter our free monthly writing competitions on
Download one of our competition posters to print and hang on your classroom wall or keep a digital copy for reference.
Competition Calendar Handout
Students aged 13-19 are eligible to enter our free monthly writing competitions on
Download a competition handout to print and distribute to students, or share a digital copy.
Summer Camp Handout
Download the summer camp schedule to share with students (ages 13-19) and parents.

The Art of Teaching Writing

Teaching writing is challenging but rewarding. Helping teenagers become effective writers means developing communication skills that will serve them long beyond their time in the classroom. Research shows that:
  • Adolescents who can effectively express their thoughts and ideas through writing are more likely to excel in their studies and future careers.
  • Writing can be a therapeutic outlet for teens to explore their emotions and develop self-awareness. 
  • Writing encourages critical thinking and the ability to articulate complex ideas. 
By teaching teens how to write persuasively and coherently, we empower them to become informed and engaged global citizens capable of making a positive impact on the world around them

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Please note: we are currently looking for pilot sites in the United States for grades 6-12.

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