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Write the World FAQs

What are the rules and guidelines for the site?

The power of our writing goes hand in hand with responsibility. Make sure that you’re supporting other people through your writing rather than pulling them down. The types of content that will be removed from the site include, but are not limited to:


• Anything that may be deemed hurtful, defamatory or discriminatory in nature.

• Anything deemed explicit or gratuitously violent.

• Anything referencing self-harm.

• Any commercial posts and/or spam.

• Plagiarism (see more at our Writing Guidelines page).

• Personal contact information—including usernames on social media or other platforms. This is to protect the privacy of our members.

• Links to any external websites, with the exception of links to citations as part of an essay, or including links to illustrations or audio as part of a Write the World competition or prompt.


If a writer posts content that violates our terms or goes against our guidelines, we will remove the post and contact the writer when necessary.  Please refer to our Writing Guidelines and site’s terms for further information.

Do you have writing resources available?

You can find Q&As, writing tips and much more on our blog!

Where are my badges?

While the badges you’ve earned still exist, you won’t be able to view your earned badges for a short while. Additionally, we are enhancing badges and earning new badge capabilities are disabled while we revamp this feature, and won’t be available until later this year. Stay tuned for exciting news and announcements about the new and improved badges!

What is Write the World Review?

Write the World Review is our online journal where exemplary pieces from the site are published alongside a bio of the author and a recording of them reading their work. Any piece published in response to one of our writing prompts will be considered for publication in Write the World Review, as well as any piece submitted to a writing competition.

What is Wednesday Words?

Every week we select a young writer’s piece for our ‘Wednesday Words’ feature and the piece is publicized on our site and social media channels. Any pieces created in response to our writing prompts (excluding “Freewriting") will be automatically considered for Wednesday Words, and there is no requirement for pieces to be published on a specific day or at a particular time to be eligible. Keep an eye out on our site and social media each Wednesday to read the featured piece for that week!

How can I get updates about Write the World?
Follow us on Instagram and sign up for our newsletter here so you can always have the latest news about Write the World. From writing competitions to featured pieces, new offerings to events, we look forward to having you in our community!
How can I reach out for support?
Email if you need any assistance. We'll be happy to provide more information about the site, assist with technical problems, and answer any questions you may have.
Using Write the World
Who can sign up?

Writers aged 13-19 can sign up to our free platform to publish their work and engage in monthly competitions, writing prompts, peer reviewing and more! Educators can also sign up to use Write the World's virtual class groups, lesson plans, assessment tools and other resources to supplement their curriculum.

How do I view Write the World content?

The new platform only allows logged-in users to access content on the platform. If you are not logged in, you will not be able to see content on the platform, so you will want to make sure you logged in to access content on the site. 

How can I reply to comments?

An exciting new feature on Write the World is that you will now be able to respond to comments on your piece. At the moment, three replies are allowed per comment: two from the piece writer, and one from the commenter.

How do I send a private message to someone?

Private comments such as moderator comments on pieces and reviews will not be available for a short while. A lot goes into developing a new platform and some things take a big effort. We are working diligently to bring the private comments back and will announce this when they are ready to deploy. 

How do I search for a user?
To search for another member by username, go into the 'Groups' tab on the left hand side of your dashboard and click into the main Write the World group. Select the 'Members' tab within the group, and you will see the option to search for a user by their display name. From here you can view their country, last activity date and whether they follow you, and click onto their profile.
Where do I find writing prompts?

You can find our library of writing prompts under the ‘Start Writing’ button in the top left corner. This section contains multiple prompts in a variety of genres, and is updated every week. There is also a ‘Free Writing’ prompt, which encourages you to publish whatever you would like. Whether you want to do some quick writing practice, find inspiration for a piece, or try a new genre or style that is out of your comfort zone, there will be a prompt for you! To write a response to a prompt, simply select the one you are interested in, read it thoroughly, then click the 'Respond to Prompt' button at the bottom. Then you can write your piece, give it a title, and publish it for other writers on the site to read.


How do writing competitions work?

Every month Write the World holds a new competition developed around a particular idea or genre of writing, such as poetry, fantasy, sports journalism, or flash fiction. Our competitions, which are always free to enter, are judged by renowned and respected writers from across the globe. Winners receive cash prizes and a feature on our blog and social media. The ‘Competitions’ page has all the information about upcoming and past competitions, as well as any that are currently open.

How do I enter a writing competition?

• If you haven’t yet, sign up for a free Write the World account as a young writer here.


• Head to ‘Competitions’ at the top to get started!


• Once you have clicked onto the competition that is currently open, read all the information carefully then select ‘Respond to Prompt’ at the bottom of the page. Draft your entry, and make sure to save it.


• The first 50 people to submit a draft before the expert review deadline have the option to receive in-depth feedback from one of our Expert Reviewers—authors, writing teachers, and educational professionals—that they can use to revise their piece before final entry. Click ‘Request Feedback’ if you would like to submit your draft for Expert Review: this is not required!


• You can also ‘Request Feedback’ from your peers while publishing your draft on the site.


 • Please note: Publishing your piece to ‘Request Feedback’ does not count as entering the competition. You can publish drafts for feedback without submitting them, but ensure you hit the ‘Submit to Competition’ button once you have a draft that you are happy with.


 • When you are ready to submit your entry, hit the ‘Submit to Competition’ button. Good luck! (Please note: Once you submit, you can no longer revise your submission.)

What is expert review?

Expert review is offered in all of our monthly writing competitions. If you are one of the first 50 people to submit a draft of your piece, you will have the opportunity to receive a review from our team of experts—authors, writing teachers, and education professionals. Expert reviews provide detailed feedback on your competition entry so that you can edit and develop your piece for final submission to the competition!

Can I edit my competition submission?

There has been a slight change in the protocol when submitting a piece to a competition. In the past, you could go back and edit a submitted competition piece. Moving forward, once you submit a piece for a competition, it is final – you will not be able to edit after submission. 

Peer Reviews
What is peer review?

A peer review is a way for you to leave positive and constructive feedback for another writer. You can leave comments and respond to questions about the piece, helping the other writer to improve their work and grow. Expressing ourselves through the written word is so much easier when we have eager readers telling us what’s working well, and where we might strengthen our craft.

How do I write a peer review?

Head to the Dashboard, and choose any piece that has a purple 'Seeking Review' button which you would like to provide feedback on. You can also use the 'Filter' button to make the Dashboard only show pieces which are seeking peer review. Once you have chosen which piece to give feedback on, scroll down to the bottom of the piece and click the 'Write a Peer Review' button. Here you can respond to peer review questions, make annotation comments on the piece itself, and provide any additional comments to the writer.


For further advice on how to give encouraging and effective feedback, check out our Peer Review Guidelines.

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